June 18, 2014

The moment you walk into Dr. Dahlman’s oral surgery practice you will find his staff to be warm and friendly.  They certainly make their patients feel at home immediately.  I have a lot of medical problems so I see a lot of doctors and meet a lot of medical office staff.  The staff at Dr. Dahlman’s office is by far the best staff I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  Dr. Dahlman is just as welcoming.  He explained my procedure clearly, answered any questions I had and addressed all my concerns.  I found him to be professional but also personally engaging, and I soon felt confident regarding his performing the procedure.  I had deep sedation for my procedure and the nurse administering the sedation was also genuinely friendly, explained how the sedation was administered and what to expect and, importantly, also put me at ease. 

If you are looking for an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, I would heartily recommend Dr. Dahlman.  Whatever procedure you require, I’m sure you will be very pleased with him personally, his renowned skill professionally, his wonderful office staff, and, most importantly, the results. 

Stephen O’Mara


June 2014

Two years ago my back molar which had a crown on it fell out while chewing.  The root had cracked and needed to be removed.  I was recommended to see Dr. Dahlman.  When it came to pulling my tooth he was very efficient.  There was no yanking back and forth 🙂 As a result, there was minimal bleeding and an easy recovery.  I was very impressed with his smooth work and also his kindness an care for me.  The staff were very friendly and efficient too.  This “dreaded” tooth pulling was over quickly and I would recommend anyone that needs an extraction or any problems with their teeth to go see Dr. Dahlman.

Eleanor Petkau


June 2014

I would like to say THANKS to DR. Dahlman  and his Staff,

I have industrial lung disease, so going under the knife was worrisome, I needed a tooth extracted. The problem was the root of the tooth penetrated my sinus cavity. So I also needed two separate bone graft performed. X-rays were taken, DR. Dahlman and his team went over the x-rays with me, explained why we needed the procedure done. Explained that I would be given a light sedation and it would not affect my breathing. Dr. Dahlman and his staff are very knowledgeable and skillful with their work.

Dr.Dahlman  great surgical skills, and staff follow up was excellent.

Greatly appreciated…………….Rock Lamont


March 2014

Thank you Lana & Anna for the time you took out of your busy schedules to support Bruce and I in developing our understanding of how Blue Cross and ManuLife work towards paying for specialized Oral work on teeth.  You two were gracious and patient and demonstrated such wonderful professionalism towards your clients. 


Linda & Bruce A.


February 12, 2014

Dr Dahlman and Team,
 Given my history, (anesthesia mishap -> 20 years ago, and Laforte approx 15 years ago – which actually had gone well), I was still terrified to have this tooth extraction and bone restoration done.

Four hours later I can’t believe how good I feel and how easily any discomfort is managed.

Thank-you, – not only for great surgical skills, but also supporting my elevated concerns and fears related to the procedural sedation.

You have a great team – and it is greatly appreciated.

Shelley B.


February 20, 2014

Hello “Ladies of Dahlman Inc.”

Please find attached the photos I took after we witnessed the spectacular win of the Canadian Olympic Women’s Hockey team victory over our beloved, large, but-not-as-good-at-women’s-Olympic-ice-hockey neighbour… the U.S.A. (God might bless America, but Canada won.) LOL

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed watching part of the game with the staff…so we got a special moment to remember the game by…which was very cool.


Also, a special thanks to my surgery R.N. Cherise (I hope the spelling is correct.) I received her follow-up phone call and please let her know all is well so far.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. You are the best staff ever!!

P.S. Since Dr. Dahlman didn’t return my extracted teeth to put under my pillow, I demand a “Tooth Fairy Credit” to my account….$2.00 for each tooth please. 🙂

Stephen O.


October 2013

Season of Thanksgiving

The season of Thanksgiving reminds us to say THANK YOU to all of the people that partner with us in providing exceptional service and care to our community.  We would like to let you know we appreciate you!

Dr.’s Gloria & Bill Tyler


November 2013

With sincere appreciation for your kindness.  Thank you ALL for looking after me so well.

Ivan & Kate P.


 August 31, 2011

We would like to thank you and your staff for the kind manner in which we have been treated and THANK YOU Dr. Dahlman for accommodating my son’s surgery.  It will be forever remembered and appreciated. It is people like you who bring light and love to the world.  May God bestow riches upon you and your staff.

The C & G Family 


July 2010

2 years and 6 different dentists consultations = no diagnosis! ONE visit with you = diagnosis and surgery within 24 hours.  Thank you for your expertise,, especially your personal telephone call to me – it was extraordinary!!!!


With much appreciation

Ellen B.


September 2009

Dear Dr. Dahlman & Team

I’ll be thanking you for a long time. I will send you a clip of my trombone playing!


Marilyn F.


June 2008

Dr. Dahlman and Staff

Thank you so much for the wonderful work and surgery done on my jaw.  The staff are very helpful and kind as well, so I just wanted to say THANKS to all of you.

Warm Regards.

Gwen H.